Divorce in Canada

In order to file for divorce in Canada you or your spouse must be residing in the province where you file at the time of filing and for the past 12 months. If one of you meets this requirement either of you can file for divorce in that province.

Divorce procedure in the province of Quebec is not addressed here. Some of this information applies in Quebec and some does not.

Meeting the residency requirement is all you need to be allowed to file for a divorce – but other conditions must be met before your divorce will be granted. Until these other conditions are met, your divorce will not be granted.

What are these conditions? One of these three things is needed:

- A spouse committed adultery and the other did not forgive him or her.
- A spouse has been cruel to the other (physically or mentally) and the other did not forgive him or her.
- The spouses have been living separate and apart for at least 12 months.

Divorces based on adultery of cruelty are nearly always contested, messy, and time-consuming proceedings. That is why almost all divorces, even when there has been cruelty or adultery, are based on the 12 months of separation.

You can read about these things for yourself in the Divorce Act.
It is important to note that you can still be residing under the same roof and be considered living separate and apart as long as you have truly stopped acting as a married couple – you no longer do things together like eating or sleeping or going out in public together, you have at least started to separate your finances and property, etc.

Where you were married does not matter. Your citizenship does not matter. The only requirement is that you or your spouse live in a Canadian province at the time of filing and for the past 12 months.
Even though divorce throughout Canada is governed by the federal Divorce Act, the way it is administered is determined by each individual province and territory. Therefore, the documents and procedures are very different depending on the jurisdiction in which you file for divorce. Visit the following pages for detailed information about divorce procedure in the various provinces:
Divorce Ontario
Divorce BC
Divorce Alberta
Divorce Manitoba
Divorce Saskatchewan
Divorce New Brunswick
Divorce Newfoundland
Divorce Prince Edward Island
Divorce Nova Scotia

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Bronzing – What You Need To Know About This Process

If you really value keepsakes or mementos then you readily will appreciate the process of Bronzing. This is the process of having those keepsakes forever lustrous so that you will always relish the memory of when you first have them. In simple terms, bronzing may be referred to as the process whereby a metal or non-metal surface is applied or coated with a bronze material. This is done so that the finish will appear luster (shiny) and make the item last for longer time.

Bronzing has been an age long activity and can be compared to the activities of gold smiths and black smiths. In this case, the finish is in bronze and whatever process is used, achieving the luster bronze finishing is the ultimate desire. Other facts you should about this process are explained below.

  • The companies specialized in bronzing ensures that varieties of heirlooms are bronzed. Hence, whatever you want to preserve for a very long time as a keepsake or memento can be bronze. Whether it is baby shoes, christening booties, tap shoes, ballet shoes, teddy bears or dummies that remind you of your babies first few months on earth, those memories can be preserved through the process of bronzing where each of them can be coated or electroplated in bronze to last forever.
  • Other common items that can still be bronzed include: wax, wood, paper, fiberglass, plastic, cotton, glass, leather, lace, and some other forms of non metals. The process will ensure that any of these items are firstly covered with a conductive material before a heavy copper electroplated to give the bronze like layers on the objects.
  • The importance of bronzing is majorly to preserve those special keepsakes and mementos. You can use the bronzed items as special gifts or awards to customers, friends or loved ones, and they will love you for it because you showed appreciation with something of worth that would be treasured forever.

Finally, you can decide to engage in bronzing today. Out there, many companies exist that can bronze your heirlooms so they are preserved for a very long time. This process can make your keepsake outlive you. Research their offers and compare them to find out how best to order your bronzing item. You can begin your search by using the search engines online. Type in the keyword bronzing and click the search button and this would turn out many results for you.


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Coin Counter Sorter – Interesting Details

It would interest you to know that you can shop for Coin Counter Sorter online. This is a device or machine that provides you functions that can turn around your business. Yes, your can improve the services rendered customers and increase sales. Here are some interesting details you need to know about the Coin Counter Sorter.

For a start, there are many devices or machines in the market today used for the purpose of counting different currencies- notes as well as coins. These devices come with features that enable similar currency types or any denomination to be sorted and counted. Some of these products function only as counters while others perform only sorting or arranging functions. However, the most innovative models now combine the functions of counting and sorting. These are the Coin Counter Sorters. Check out details about these products now.

Sorting and counting functions

A Coin Counter Sorter combines functions of sorting and counting coins of various denominations. The sorter function means that the volumes of coins put in it are arranged in easy stacks so that counting will be carried out easily. The sorting or arrangements of coins is done by placing each pennies, dimes, quarters, nickels or dollar coins in stacks containing same currencies.

After the sorting function, the machine goes ahead to count the one by one with accuracy. Hence, with a machine like this, two functions are carried out.

Importance of going for the Coin Counter Sorter

Here are some very important reasons you should opt for the Coin Counter Sorter.

You save money – the Coin Counter Sorter helps you to save the cost of buying separate machines for sorting and counting. Going for this type ensures you get a device that combines functions of sorting and counting coins. If there is one thing you need more in your business is to save cost and maximize profit. This machine will just help you do that.

You save time – apart from saving cost, you can also save time of attending to your customers. With the features of the Coin Counter Sorter, less time is spend trying to sort and count bills paid with coins.

Shopping for the Coin Counter Sorter

If you want to buy this type of machine, there are many options available. This is more especially if you decide to shop online. There are many good brands but you really need to watch for those that will fit into your business or home needs. You should study and compare feature, read reviews and make a thorough search before choosing any.

Finally, some of the top brands of Coin Counter Sorters you may consider include: Royal Sovereign, Semacon, Cassida, RedEnvelope and some other products. So, when shopping for this device considers those brands.


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Kinds of Water Sports

There are many types of sports and one of them is water sports.  It is group into 3 types the “In the water”, “On the water” and “Under Water”.  In this blog I will tell you the different kinds of “In the water” sports.


This is the very famous sport that is always present in every Olympic Games in which it includes pool swimming and open water swimming. It also has 4 kinds of swimming styles that includes Freestyle, breaststroke, Backstroke and butterfly.


Diving is same like swimming but you must dive many feet from the water using springboard or platforms it is also a part of the Olympic games.

Synchronized swimming

This is kind of a unique way of dancing in the water which includes ballet and gymnastics it as also part in Olympic Games and one of the famous sports in the world.

Water Polo

This is a team sport game that plays in the water using a ball.

Water Aerobics

This is doing aerobics in the water.

Synchronized Diving

This is also a good sport where 2 players dive from a high level then they do some maneuvers when they are on the air doing it in synchronized manner.


Is playing in the water using a small ball called waboba.


Is a 3 combined water sports which includes swimming, cycling and running. The 3 consecutive games must be completed in a shortest time in order to win the game.


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Certified Coding Specialist – Revealing Facts about this Professional

It is possible you are wondering what the job of a Certified Coding Specialist entails. This is very important if you show interest in the pursuing career as medical coder. In this article, we are going to be looking at who is a Certified Coding Specialist, what are the job requirements and what are educational requirements? These revelations can help you understand this coding specialist better.

Who is a Certified Coding Specialist?

A Certified Coding Specialist is someone responsible for the interpretation of medical terms or terminologies to create or generate codes that can are useful for the insurance claims and also for medical statistics purposes. This individual is part of a hospital staff that specializes in creating numerical codes from data and information on diseases and medical procedures carried out on patients. The codes are generated are further used as claims for insurance reimbursement for the insurance, Medicaid, and Medicare payments.

Job requirements for a Certified Coding Specialist

The job of this specialist has been described above. In addition, this professional is skilled and experienced in translation of medical documents into codes. He or she gets records of the diagnoses and treatments of patients, translates and assigns codes to the ailments and terminology. The codes assigned comply with the universally accepted coding system.

Once the codes are generated, they are used as insurance claims by the hospital or physician. Also, the codes are also useful creating statistical reports which hospital administrators and government agencies would find invaluable for planning, research, administration and marketing purposes.

Educational requirements for a Certified Coding Specialist

The educational requirements for someone that desire to become a Certified Coding Specialist include:

  • Taking the following courses in high school – Data Processing, Biology, algebra, English, office Procedures, Typing, computer skills, health occupations/medical Professions Education etc
  • An associate degree
  • Pass exams offered by the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA)
  • Pass exams set by the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC)

In addition, this coder must study and understand the International Classification of Diseases Clinical Modification (ICD-9-CM) and the Current Procedural Terminology (CPT). Hence, he or she should be vast in general medical and pharmacology terminology.

In conclusion, the above paragraphs have explained who a certified Coding specialist is, the job requirements of this professional and the educational requirement. You now have a better understanding of this professional and what he or she does.

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Smart Bargains Coupons – News on These Shopping Vouchers

If there is one thing you will always want to do is to buy your quality items at the most affordable prices. This is why you need Smart bargains coupon. This is a voucher you can use to shop from Smart Bargain – an online retailer that offer a wide range of items like Beddings, Home appliance, clothing, jewelry and watches at the best bargain price you may not find elsewhere. Getting the coupon of this online store offers you the chance of enjoying a good deal from quality products at the cheapest prices.

Smart Bargains is a reputable online retailer and this is one reason many companies and websites offer their coupons to low price hunters. Yes, you will discover that coupons from this company are among the most widely sought after shopping vouchers for good deals. Here is more news that would spur your interest to go for these coupons.

Discounted coupons

There are different types of coupons out there offered by many companies.  These sellers offer products at different discount rates. Smart Bargains coupons also come with discounts. The main attraction of these coupons is that with them you can shop for items with the highest discounts. Yes, you can enjoy up to 70% or more of the quality items, if you use coupons and take advantage of products sold by Smart Bargains.

Coupons for a lot of products

There are so many products you can take advantage of when you shop from Smart Bargains. From this website you can shop for bed and bath items like comforter sets, duvet covers, flannel sheets & bedding, bath shop, men’s clothing, women clothing, jewelry and watches, home & kitchen appliances, shoes and other vital items. With coupons you will get any of these items at a most affordable price, and what’s more, items that you bought that are over $100 would be shipped to you for free.

Easy accessing

Smart Bargains coupons are very easy to find. Many websites that offers coupons are dedicated to directing you buying items and saving more from this online store. Once you do a search online, you will discover that there are many bargain websites that offer coupon codes from the Smart Bargain stores. From these websites you can activate your coupons and get updates of new deals.

Finally, there are so many things you still must know about these tickets to shopping for discounted items from Smart Bargains. Take a tour at the website and checkout what this personal bargain hunter website offers to you.